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Best Steps To Sell Your Car Fast At Best Possible Price

Let’s be honest, selling a car isn’t really an easy job. But if you have made up your mind to sell your car privately – you will need to keep a couple of things in your mind. There are so many routes you can go on when selling a used car privately. Perhaps, finding Car Buyers in UAE online is the most convenient way through well-reputed websites. But turning your head towards classified ads would also be great. To help you how to sell your car privately and fast, obviously at the best possible price, we have rounded up numerous steps and guidelines you should follow. So, let’s get it on! Getting Car Advertised Getting your car advertised perfectly is a key to sell your car privately at unmatched rates. Let’s have a look at a few important things to note. Don’t Make Overstated Claims Be honest and describe your car’s actual condition properly, and remember that giving it a detailed clean can easily make a good impression on serious buyer when he/she comes to inspect your car. Set a Suitable Price UAE’s used car market is indeed big – therefore, your price has to be competitive and be flexible. You should compare your car with those of the same model, age, make and with a similar number of miles on a clock to get an idea for a suitable price. In opposition, don’t price your car quite low and be mindful that a private buyer will expect to bargain. So, asking for a little bit higher price can help you negotiate with a buyer with ease. Do Mention any Modifications Don’t forget to mention any modification you have made such as an excellent seat covers or state-of-the-art stereo system which could justify your asking price. Add numerous Photos in Your Ad It will indeed help attract more views and impress potential buyers more to move on and arrange a face-to-face viewing. Meeting a Serious Buyer Of course, you should be aware of any fraud or theft of your car and take some precautions if you are selling it privately. If he or she comes to your doorstep to view your car, don’t leave him or her alone in your car. Better to bring your friend or any relative along with you so that you may feel more confident. Also, check your car insurance position as the buyer may have “Driving Other Cars” cover on his/her policy – so if asks to see a proof. Be noted that it is most likely to provide 3rd party cover only – not entirely complete. Instead, you can extend your own vehicle insurance just to cover other drivers. Getting Payment In case, a buyer gives you cash – try to carry out that transaction at a safe place such as a bank where you can without any hassle deposit that cash quickly and have the notes checked for fakes. Well, going with the electronic transfer is most likely to be more convenient. But not let your car gone until the funds are in your account (it normally takes a few days). The same process goes for the payments by cheque. In order to be extra safe, you need to ask buyer a home address as well as its ID and landline phone number. And beware of anyone unwilling to give you such information. Post Sale Documentation Has your deal done with a buyer? Now, let DVLA know you are no longer a registered owner of that car. It is also important as it ensures you won’t get landed with any kind of fine incurred by the new owner. Handover your car’s handbook and service records and its MOT certificate (latest) – in case. It is old more than 3 years. Also, cancel your insurance or, if you are going to buy a new car yourself, give your provider the latest and updated details. Sell Your Car to Crazy Car Corner Let’s put everything aside for a short while, you can sell your car in UAE to Crazy Car Corner without getting worried about anything anymore. Drop your details at their Used Cars for Sale in UAE portal if your car is damaged, used or accidental, sit back, relax and you are done. With Crazy Car Corner, you will need to spend just a couple of minutes. And once everything is done from your end, let them manage everything else such as free inspection at your doorstep. All paperwork with care and get your payment most probably in 30 minutes. Isn’t it amazing?

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