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will come at your place for car inspection.
Do you want to save your fuel expense? Crazy car corner will provide you a great deal by coming at your location for your vehicle valuation. Our car valuation officer will come to your location and inspect your vehicle and its current condition. Whether it is a car with dead engine or a mechanically failed car, we will inspect and will buy it at its applicable car resale value price.
Crazy Car Corner will provide the following services:
Free and fast online car valuation and inspection.
Inspection of your vehicle is free.
We will take care of all paperwork.
Instant payment.
We will buy any automobile within 30 minutes after inspection.

Why Choose Us

Are you trying to sell your car that has been damaged or has been involved in an accident? Crazy car corner was founded with the goal of making the automobile selling process feasible for you. We have got you covered, regardless of how bad your automobile is right now. Crazy Car Corner provides the quickest and most convenient method to sell your junk car, as well as a variety of other services such as free and instant automobile valuations, inspections, a guarantee to buy any mechanically failed car in a matter of minutes, prompt money, and, of course, paperwork with care. You may also sell your old automobile, as well as cars that are completely wrecked or damaged, at Crazy Car Corner. We buy a car in the applicable cash for scrap car and used automobile pricing ratings. We give this information so that you may be confident in the dealerships upfront, reduced price.

You may obtain a cash offer in minutes if you need a quick and easy way to trade in your car with a bad engine by us. If you are looking for the best way to sell a car , Crazy car corner is the best option. Our view is that a great automobile purchasing experience is built on honesty, openness, and justice. Besides, whether the automobile is in great shape or has seen better days, sell it to us for a premium sum you would not find anywhere else. Furthermore, we aim to make things easy for our sellers by coming to your home to check the vehicle for free.

Purchase Guaranteed
If you want to sell your used damaged cars, Crazy car corner will buy them. Whether your automobile is completely destroyed or has a little bit of issue, we will buy it from you at a reasonable price with a guarantee. So, how tough is it to sell a car in the UAE? Crazy Car Corner is only a phone call away. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we will be on our way.
Instant Payment
If you are searching to sell my car on cash, Crazy car corner is the best option. Crazy car corner will instantly deposit your payment into your bank account or receive cash at your doorstep since both are safer payment alternatives. We at Crazy Car Corner do not take any payment method that you are unfamiliar with, and we want you to feel safe about the payment methods we accept. So, what do you have to lose?
Quick Sale
If you need to sell your automobile quickly, Crazy Car Corner is a good option. Its not simple to find a possible buyer in a hurry. But you do nont have to worry any longer since Crazy Car corner will buy your automobile in 30 minutes, regardless of whether its fully wrecked or not. Call us or send us an email, then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.
Hassle-Free Transaction
Crazy Car Corner now allows you to experience hassle-free transactions with minimum paperwork and the quickest transfer of ownership. You would not have to worry about any paperwork or other procedures when you use Crazy Car Corner. Use Whatsapp to communicate for additional details and in real-time.

What kind of cars do we purchase?

Are you looking for the best way to sell a car? Crazy Car Corner will purchase any vehicle in any condition, immediately and receive the best money possible. For scrap, we take the following vehicles.

3 Easy steps to sell your car

Evaluate your Car online, book an appointment and complete the sale. We buy any car whatever its condition within 30 minutes after inspection