How to Sell Abandoned Cars in Dubai?


Dubai, the metropolis of automobile lovers, is adorned with an enormous assortment of abandoned cars from all manufacturers and types. From SUVs and sedans to opulent sports and exotic vehicles, you may find a sought-after selection of many car categories here. Many opulent and exotic vehicles may be left at parking lots or scrapyards in Dubai. Abandoned cars in Dubai are later sold for a small portion of their original cost.

This guide has all the details you need to know about abandoned automobiles in Dubai, including where to look for them and how to purchase them.

What to Do with Abandoned Cars In Dubai?

Around 3,000 abandoned cars are discovered every year on Dubai’s streets, airport parking lots, or other public parking areas. Almost all exotic and premium car brands are available, including BMW, Bugatti, Audi, Ferrari, and Koenigsegg.

There could be a number of causes for the abundance of abandoned luxury cars in Dubai, including the inability to pay off debts, relocation to another nation, or impoundment.

What Happens To Landless Vehicles In Dubai?

As soon as the vehicles are recognized as abandoned, Dubai Municipality seizes them. Additionally, the owners of the vehicles are given a 15-day notice time to claim their vehicles. The owner has six months to complete the necessary paperwork and claim the vehicle when it is later confiscated.

However, these cars are sold at much-reduced prices in Dubai car auctions if no one makes a claim within six months. At the auction, authorized car dealers in Dubai purchase abandoned vehicles, which they then resell to prospective purchasers.

In Dubai, How To Sell Abandoned Cars?

In Dubai, you can sell abandoned cars through live auto auctions or by contacting trustworthy dealers there. A live auction is typically a by-invitation-only affair. Registered bidders receive invitations immediately following the auction’s announcement after demonstrating that they have the funds necessary for the deposit.


Live Auction of Destroyed Vehicles!

You can sell your abandoned cars in Dubai in the following ways from the live auction:

  • Those who receive an invitation get a packet of information about the event
  • You must submit a registration fee at the counter and present an emirate ID
  • You will receive a bidding number after completing the registration
  • Once everyone has settled in, the bidding process begins
  • The auction is started by a panel of four to five persons, who then sell the car to the highest bidder
Here, it’s crucial to stress that the payment must be paid within 48 hours. Additionally, these automobiles are sold without any warranties. Therefore, while selling a car at a Dubai auction, it is crucial to check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle condition, and paperwork.

Sell Abandoned Vehicles to Dubai Auction Brokers!

Additionally, you can sell abandoned vehicles to reputable auction brokers in Dubai. In Dubai, also offers a car auction service where you can locate a variety of vehicles, from premium to exotic.

Considerations for Selling An Abandoned Car At An Auction!

Here are some suggestions for selling an abandoned car in Dubai:

  • Don’t forget to inspect the condition of the vehicle first. Before making the final payment, carefully verify the condition of the vehicle and all of its components.
  • Try to examine the vehicle’s paperwork.
  • To learn about the history and other information of the car, check the chassis and VIN.
  • Take your time, carefully examine the available cars, and place your bid in line with their value.
  • To save additional maintenance costs, you must also follow a thorough checklist when selling a second-hand car in the UAE.

Prices for Dubai Abandoned Cars!

One of the reasons so many individuals desire to sell abandoned cars for the best pricing. The abandoned automobile auction offers a wide variety of economical SUVs and luxury vehicles for a small portion of their original cost. However, these automobiles occasionally have small issues. For this reason, it’s crucial to examine its condition before finalizing a sale.

This brings an end to our overview of abandoned vehicles in Dubai. In addition to auto auctions, buys a variety of used cars in Dubai, from high-end models to more economical options. The preferred choices are:

  • Toyota used car sales in Dubai
  • Sell a used Nissan in Dubai
  • Dubai used Mercedes Benz
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Do Abandoned Cars In Dubai Get Sold?

Dubai auctions off abandoned cars to dealers who can place competitive bids. These dealers assist the correct buyer in purchasing the automobile of their choosing after they have found them.

What Can I Do In Dubai With Abandoned Cars?

What occurs to abandoned cars in Dubai? The Dubai Municipal authorities impound any abandoned vehicles discovered there. Following impoundment, the owner of the vehicle has 15 days to return and retrieve the vehicle. If they fail to appear, the car is auctioned and sold in Dubai.

According to Dubai’s strict laws the Dubai legal system has no compassion for those who declare bankruptcy. To purchase these supercars, people borrow money from the bank, and when they are unable to repay the loan on their vehicles, they are compelled to leave their vehicles and their lives behind and leave Dubai.

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