How to Sell a Damaged Car in UAE?


Finding a place to sell a damaged car may be difficult if it has seen better days. Websites that specialize in buying damaged cars might be a fantastic sales alternative, regardless of whether your vehicle has significant body damage or is no longer operational as a result of technical issues.

You will learn how to sell a damaged car and your best option will be we’ve examined the top online car buyers and will suggest the top sites that buy totaled, damaged, or broken cars.

Key factors:

  • Junkyards, individual buyers, and internet vehicle buyers are just a few ways where you can sell damaged cars.
  • CrazyCarCorner is the best among the top online marketplaces for selling damaged vehicles.
  • When trying to sell a damaged car, decide whether it would be better to fix it or just sell it as-is.

How Can a Damaged Car Be Sold in the UAE?

Do you wish to sell the vehicle that was involved in a catastrophic accident on the road? You’ve come to the correct spot since we provide a practical vehicle buying service to buy all makes and models of used automobiles, regardless of their age or condition.

In some cases, selling a damaged car is preferable to having it fixed because the cost of repairs may exceed the car’s true residual worth. To ensure that the car may be sold at its optimum market price, a professional evaluation of the vehicle’s real condition is required. At, we provide a thorough evaluation service to establish the real cost of a used car.

We Purchase Wrecked, Collided, and Broken Automobiles!

Are you looking for websites that buy damaged automobiles online, or do you need urgent cash for wrecked autos? You’ve located the ideal location. With our rapid offer, you may sell your damaged car quickly, conveniently, and securely. We also assist you throughout the entire procedure. Additionally, you receive a top cash offer for your car and don’t have to waste months attempting to sell a damaged vehicle.

Selling Your Damaged Car to Us Can Give You Peace of Mind!

First, you consider the obvious suspects, nearby damaged car buyers, when you wonder Who buys crashed cars near me. Selling destroyed automobiles at a reasonable price is challenging because of dealerships or a private party. We came up with a better idea. We quickly make online offers on your totaled car thanks to our decades of total loss car buying experience. Get your guaranteed offer to sell your damaged car immediately!


What Locations in My Area Buy Damaged Cars?

Finding a new car is the result of dealing with a broken car issue. You might be anticipating that your neighborhood dealer will make you a reasonable offer for your damaged car, but this is frequently not the case. Typically, you’re forced to deal with auto dealers who will haggle you down or local individual car purchasers who are searching for the best offer on a vehicle. It’s simple to sell us a car with mechanical issues or a blown engine! Very few national companies acquire totaled, mechanically damaged, and blow-engine cars, but is one of them.

Will Take My Damaged Truck for Sale?

Yes! Like any vehicle, trucks can experience mechanical problems. The car may be nearing the end of its useful life or the engine may be rapidly failing. Even a car that won’t start can still be useful. You have the option of selling your damaged cars or parts or for quick cash. Selling your car online is the best option to receive cash for an outdated or damaged vehicle. Why? It’s easy.

Advantages of Online Vehicle Sales!

It can take a long time to find a buyer when selling privately. It will cost a lot to sell it at auction. Additionally, the amount you can get for selling it at a junkyard would normally be significantly lower. However, selling your damaged car online will frequently result in higher degrees of convenience & and ease as well as significantly better offers than you’d obtain at a yard. For this reason, a lot of individuals opt to trash their automobiles online using businesses like CrazyCarCorner, which has thousands of loyal customers all across the country.

Simply Selling Your Damaged Vehicle to Us Is Your Best Option!

It’s time to choose a course of action now that you are aware of your possibilities. Are you trying to sell a damaged car? Stop squandering your valuable time. We are a recognized national buyer with many years of industry experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. Get a quotation for your vehicle right now online without leaving your home!

Selling a Damaged Car to The Procedure!

The best place for you to sell your damaged car for the best price is After an extensive vehicle evaluation process, automobile sellers can sell the damaged vehicles to us directly. The FREE online car valuation calculator that is provided on our website can be used to establish the approximate market value of a vehicle. To determine the possible market price of the damaged car, the car valuation tool needs some basic information about it. Within a few minutes, the car seller will receive an estimate. Following the online assessment, automobile sellers can schedule a physical inspection session for their vehicles. The inspection can be carried out at any of our branches around the country. Once our experts have carefully inspected the vehicle, the exact pricing will be disclosed. The final offer represents the vehicle’s current market value. A sales agreement can be signed to finish the buying process if the automobile sellers are happy with the price that has been provided.

To guarantee a hassle-free automobile selling experience for car sellers, our knowledgeable team makes sure that the entire post-sale paperwork is done by them. Once their vehicles have been deregistered, car sellers are paid via electronic bank transfer. After a thorough inspection by our experts, we make a guaranteed purchase to the car sellers. If you don’t like our offer, you may simply elect not to sell your damaged car to CrazyCarCorner, and we won’t charge you anything for our services. Our services are completely free and optional.