How to Determine Your Scrap Car Value?


If you want to know your scrap car value because you want to sell your car for scrap as soon as possible then visit online platforms. When you've decided to finally get rid of a non-running car, you want to be aware of all your alternatives and choose the best one.

The fact is that you need to know how much the damaged car is worth regardless of whether you decide to trade it in or sell it to a junkyard. How much money can you potentially make from it if you decide to sell your car as scrap? The method to determine how much your car is worth at a scrap yard and further possibilities are described in the following article.

How Much Can You Get to Scrap A Car?

You should be aware that the value of scrap cars in junkyards varies depending on their weight. In other words, when you contact any junkyard to request an estimate for your car, they will just take its weight into account and not its condition, year, make, or model.

The expense of hiring a tow truck to transport the car to the yard will likely be higher than the price you would receive for it. Here is an explanation of the pricing procedure for a scrap car in a typical junkyard to help you comprehend this: Aluminum and steel make up the majority of the metal in cars.

2,200 pounds of steel, 330 pounds of aluminum, plus a few hundred pounds of other metals make up the ordinary passenger car. You can only recoup enough money from selling your car for scrap to buy one family dinner based on the typical market pricing for steel and aluminum.

How to Know if Your Car is Scrap or Salvage?

Your totaled vehicle's fate will determine whether it is a salvage vehicle or scrap metal. It becomes a salvage car if you choose to sell it to a company that recycles parts or to someone who will fix it. It becomes a scrap automobile if you decide to sell it to be crushed and sold as a piece of metal. Use the rapid online car value calculator from Crazy Car Corner to help you decide how to sell your totaled vehicle. You only need to devote 30 minutes to it.

About Scrap Car Value Salvage Title!

What if the title to my car is a salvage title? Anytime a salvage auto title is in doubt, be aware that the vehicle's value will be significantly lower than you might anticipate. Because insurance companies don't want to deal with totaled cars, they write them off, assign salvage prices to them, and make sure the title reflects this.

A salvage vehicle is not, however, a "complete loss" as a result of this. You can still use it for something. Therefore, you may sell a scrap car or salvage car online for its full value rather than just for what it is worth in weight.

What’s the Value of My Car in Scrap Metal?

There is a better option for you if you are considering selling your scrap car but are unsure of how much to ask for it. At Crazy Car Corner, finding out the actual value of your junk automobile simply takes 30 minutes through our free car valuation services. Not by weight, but by year, condition, model, and manufacture, we determine the value of your car. We will make you an offer to buy your automobile after you receive your FREE quote.

We will visit you within 24 to 48 hours if you agree to sell it to us. Then, we will reimburse you instantly and tow your automobile for FREE! Without a doubt, this is a lot better deal than you could ever get in a junkyard. If you're curious about what happens to your totaled car after you sell it to us, we collaborate with recyclers of auto parts that find a better use for pieces that other people might simply throw away.

Tell us a little about your car and let us appraise it for you, regardless of how much you believe it is damaged. We are the best scrap car buyers in UEA with stellar reviews and a solid reputation in the field. We are confident that your deal will be another success after having already concluded over a million agreements on salvage autos.

Obtain Your Vehicle's Weight!

There are various techniques to determine your car's worth and weight. Reading your owner's manual is the first step. By looking at your side door, which is where the VIN number is located, you may also determine your car's weight. Checking with the car's manufacturer is the third way to determine the weight of your vehicle. The last method is to go online and enter your car's details to find out how much it weighs.


1.    How can I sell my car for scrap in Dubai?

All you need to do is make an appointment right away to get the value of a scrap car. You save time because our customer care team is there to assist you. You can get rid of an old car by selling it to a junkyard, but you won't make much money and you'll need to be organized.

2.    How do I junk my automobile in the UAE?

Anyone selling their old car can use Crazy Car Corner’s simple method. Simply acquire an estimate for your used cars and schedule a car inspection appointment, either at your home or at their store. You'll receive a cash payment. The facility in Dubai provides effective car recycling.

3.    How to calculate the value of your scrap car in UAE?

The fee is usually measured per kilogram of metal pieces and is based on the weight of the car to be destroyed. You can sell the car for more money if it's in good running order and its parts are marketable. Another way to calculate the value of your scrap car in the UAE is to get an online car valuation.