What is the Best Option to Sell Your Junk Car?


If you want to sell your junk car and you don’t know the whole procedure of car selling in Dubai then selling a used car is challenging for you. This becomes even more challenging if the car isn't in working order. A value for a junk car company can help you with this because it's frequently preferable to sell a not working car rather than try to fix it. If your car is broken, has lots of miles on it, or doesn't even start. Junk car buyers will be interested in buying it from you because junk car buyer has several benefits, such as:

  • You receive immediate payment in cash
  • Your car is taken from your property at no charge
  • The car is accepted whether it has missing parts or not
  • Protect the environment by recycling the majority of automobiles

How much money can you get in Dubai for junking a car?

A junk car may cost between $250 and $500 depending on various factors that affect the junk car’s value. Although there isn't a simple formula for figuring out a car's worth. The majority of car valuations at least those from many companies include these factors.

  • The location of the car
  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Condition of the car

Some junk car buyers could make a nice deal on the spot if you're attempting to sell your junk car but a working car. Crazy Car Corner is one of these junk car buyers in Dubai, they make reasonable cash offers and would come to take up your car. Don't worry if your car isn't running; they can still make you an offer. Call them because they offer the best prices for old junk cars.

How to sell your junk car in Dubai without a title?

You might not even want the title, depending on how you want to deal with the car. For instance, the majority of junk car buyers will buy cars without a title as long as they can verify their ownership of the car is under consideration. All you need is identification and proof of ownership, such as a registration or an application for a car’s number plate. Several junk yards in Dubai will happily accept your car for recycling. Don't worry if you need to sell a junk car in Dubai without a title. Crazy Car Corner will assist you in the best way possible.

Junk cars can go through different procedures!


The first thing to think about is whether it would be more advantageous to repair or recycle an old car. The car is recycled if fixing it would not be financially advantageous because, in a junkyard, most of the cars are recycled.


Oil, gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and many other liquids are constantly flowing in an automobile. After draining the car, hazardous waste is disposed of and valuable fluids like fuel are saved.


The useable parts of the car are taken out. The tires, batteries, and other tiny parts are all removed, along with the engine and transmission. Some of these components are cleaned before being sold.


After removing all of the useful material, the body is almost entirely made of metal. Crushed automobiles have their metal recycled.

How to get rid of an old car in Dubai?

When the time comes to get rid of an old car, you have a few options. You could try to sell it, but that can be challenging, particularly if the car is no longer safe to drive. You could not get very much for it if you trade it in at a dealership. Calling a junkyard or a buyer of junk cars to junk your car is the best thing to do. You may get a free, no-obligation price for your car from a junkyard in Dubai by giving them the make, model, year, and condition of the car. They will gladly accept your car for auto recycling.

What happens with junk cars after selling?

When a car is scrapped, the metal is recycled at a junkyard. Typically, glass and plastic are separated, sold, or recycled. As a car gets crushed, it eventually reduces to nothing more than a collection of scrap metal that may be sold for cash. The remains, which are often known as "automobile crusher waste," is dumped in the trash. Surprisingly, more than 75% of an old car can be recycled. When a car reaches the end of its useful life, if it is taken to a junkyard that only deals with cars, it enters the recyclable stream.

Understand the Value of Your junk car!

If your car is actually junk then there are several methods to junk your car. As long as you are prepared and aware of your options you can sell your car easily. The decision of whether to repair or trash your car depends largely on its value and the degree of damage.

However, unless you have the salvage title, you should not assume that your car is junk. Keep in mind that inexpensive, older cars are in high demand among used car buyers if they are still worthy or practical to repair. The best method to earn the most money for your car in this situation is to know how to sell your junk car in the United Arab Emirates.


It is supposed to recycle as much of a car as possible after it is scrapped. This usually includes recycling the metal. Due to its ability to be melted down and reused, metal is the material that is recycled most frequently. The amount of metal in a car ultimately determines how much of it can be recycled. A car that is primarily comprised of metal can be recycled entirely. Glass or plastic cannot be recycled as easily in the case of cars.

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