Can You Sell Your Crashed Car for Cash?


You want to sell your crashed car for cash or the pile of metal on your driveway to be removed. It was once a vehicle you enjoyed driving, but that was years, miles, and a lot of damage ago. With the exception of some extremely pleasant recollections, it is now practically useless to you. But what can be done with crashed cars?

It was bound to lose value just like every other automobile. Your car still has value even though it may not be worth much to you. It might not be as an automobile anymore, but rather as used parts or recycled scrap steel. The good news is that you can sell a crashed car to get the most money from it with Crazy Car Corner.

How to Sell Your Crashed Car for Cash?

Don't get too enthused just yet. You won't be able to retire from this sale or take your family to a picnic. Selling junk cars for cash mostly serves the purpose of getting rid of them so your spouse won't keep bugging you about them.

You might anticipate receiving somewhere for the ordinary undesirable junk car. While some specialist models are at the top of that range, selling an old car for cash is more likely to net you a small amount or less.

But what if it's a good car that you still want but no longer need? If your vehicle is still drivable, it may be sold for a respectable sum. A vehicle with a clear title may be worth up to more.

Who Buys Crashed Cars Near Me?

Unexpectedly, there is a market teeming with crashed car buyers. Nevertheless, even if your car is still operating and drivable, very few of those car purchasers are willing to pay very much for it. They are searching for a decent offer with adequate room for error so they can profit from it themselves.

Car Mechanics:

There is a subset of car buyers who, though it may sound enjoyable, do not actually flip cars. They purchase vehicles with the goal to repair and resell them. This indicates that people are looking for high-quality vehicles at rock-bottom prices.

You won't be able to convince them to give you a big opening in their wallet for your unwanted cars, even though they might be the best option to sell cars that might someday hit the road again.

Vehicle Recyclers:

Maybe there are too many rust holes, leaks, dents, and dings for your car to ever be roadworthy again. There's a good chance that it still contains some high-quality, functional elements. Automobile recyclers, buy crashed cars for cash, disassemble them, and then market the used components separately.

You could feel better knowing that the components for your car are being reused. But, a car recycler is unlikely to offer you much more than scrap car value for it because they have no means of knowing in advance if they will earn money on the parts of your automobile.


A junkyard will pay you cash for your old car if you don't think it has any worth for repairs or to sell as components or don't care to find out. You'll receive payment based on the market price per ton for scrap automobiles.

Vehicle Junk Removal:

How you get your trash car out of your sight is the other issue you'll face. It probably doesn't operate, and if it does, there's a good chance that it's uninsured.

You are responsible for covering the cost of the tow vehicle used to sell your junk car. All things considered, you may be spending as much money as you will on your undesirable car.

Why Choose Crazy Car Corner to Sell Your Crashed Car?

Would you want to take care of it all at once? Then Crazy Car Corner is your best choice. We buy junk cars in any condition, including those that have been misused, crashed, smashed, burned, broken into, running or not, certified or not.

We buy old, damaged, or non-running cars in all circumstances. You can sell your old cars for cash, and we'll tow them away for you as well. Indeed, we include junk auto removal in our list of services.

How Do We Work To Buy Crashed Cars?

Everyone can use Crazy Car Corner because it's so easy. You may get a quote for your car without being obligated to accept it, so do so now. Or, you can just accept the deal online if you like what we're presenting.

We'll make arrangements to have your car hauled away and pay you for it in its current state. Crazy Car Corner is free to use, and we won't tow your vehicle until you've received payment. Also, we'll handle all the hassle.

Is there anything greater than that? We offer cash for unwanted autos right now.