How to Improve the Market Value of your Used Car?


Proper and Regular Maintenance of your Car

Although it may seem like an easy strategy to increase the market value of your car. Many car owners put off maintenance until a more serious issue arises. Although it may be tempting to postpone oil changes and other repairs to save money. Doing so can maintain your automobile in good condition and help to avoid larger, more expensive problems. Spend the money on minor fixes as and when they are required to keep everything in working order. If you want to sell your car online then Crazy Car Corner allows you to sell your car in any condition. You don’t need to put a lot of money into the mechanic to examine your car issues. We first inspect your used car and then offer you a free car valuation service.

Keep a Log Book of Everything

There are so many good reasons to keep detailed records of everything about your car and its condition. At the time of selling a used car, the potentially used car dealers in UAE can check all your car records. After that, they will assume that the car was well-kept. It is also beneficial for you to tell them that you spent a lot of money to keep your car secure and functioning properly. Used car buyers check all these things at the time of car inspection before offering you the value of your car. Although some industry insiders believe that dealership services are more valuable than those provided by independent mechanics, they both maintain records. That’s why having a record of your used car services is very important. This help used car buyers to check and increase the market value of your car.

Keep Your Car Covered

One of the greatest methods to keep your car’s market worth is to maintain its external condition, which is a key selling factor for potential used car buyers. The best alternative is to park your car in a locked garage or, at the very least, beneath a reliable awning, which will protect your paint from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, sudden temperature changes, and even tree branches that fall from the sky. The exterior of your used car gets older because the weather changes. Therefore keeping your car indoors will help the pressure value. Avoid parking under trees if you have to park on the street if you don’t have access to a garage, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun or wind. Before a sale, waxing your car can revive the appearance of the paintwork and restore the new color appearance.

Keep your Car Clean

While the state of your car's exterior and paint are crucial factors in evaluating a car’s market value, interior cleanliness is not far behind. A great approach to prevent things from deteriorating over time is to purchase a fabric and paint protection package early on. If you smoke, refrain from doing so behind the wheel because it is nearly impossible to get cigarette smoke out of interior fabric. Keep dogs and other animals out of the car if you have them, or make sure they ride in a sturdy mat or kennel to prevent their odor and hair from getting all over the place.

To avoid having to perform extensive cleaning when you're ready to sell your car, you might also think about performing routine interior cleaning to prevent dirt or unpleasant odors from amassing. However, hiring a professional detailer occasionally won't break the bank and will raise your car's resale value, especially if you've kept a log!

Replace the Tires of your Car

If you are looking to sell a car then it will be very important to check the condition of used car tires to increase their market value. Completely worn-out tires that are obviously in need of replacement can decrease your market worth and used car buyers may understandably request a price reduction. If one or two tires of your used car are more worn then you can easily replace them with other tires to get a relatively high value for your used car. This will ensure that all four tires are generally in the same condition. Your vehicle's price point will determine whether it is cost-effective to completely replace them. The best way to sell your used car in any condition whether the tires are working properly or not is Crazy Car Corner. Here we will inspect your car and then offer you a suitable value for your used car

Fix the Small Things in your Car

Various dents and scratches may naturally accumulate on cars as part of normal wear and tear, but if they are too noticeable or an eyesore, they can significantly reduce the value of your car when you are attempting to sell it. Fixing little issues or doing some polishing is typically not too expensive, and it may make a big difference in the overall appearance and also its worth. If any lights of your vehicle are dim or not working properly then the best option is to replace them. Although lights are not expensive, you can get the best price for your vehicle if all minor issues like lights can be resolved when you are going to sell a car to a buyer in Dubai.

Keep Car’s Mileage Low

It won’t be practical for you to maintain the mileage of your used car. If you are using an automobile to cover long distances. However, if you are using your car to travel around town and now want to get the best resale value of your used car. Then low mileage might be a significant assisting factor. The greater the mileage suggests to buyers that there may be more potential troubles present in the car and parts of the car.

When possible, try to limit your travel time and use public transportation instead of driving large distances. Keep your trips to a minimum, especially if you are approaching close to a milestone mileage mark when you want to sell your automobile. It could be assumed by the used car buyers in Dubai that 200,000 km seems to be much more than 197,000 km, which will affect the market price of your car.


If you want to sell your used car to the best-used car dealers in UAE then we have covered the important things in this blog. We assure you that this can help to increase the market value of your used car. After examining all these issues in your car and making them all fix then ultimately the chances of getting a good resale value for your car are high. If you are unable to fix all these issues then you can come to Crazy Car Corner. Here you can sell your car in any condition whether it will be a used car, a junk car, or a scrap car. Here you can easily sell your used car without facing the market hassle and get a suitable value for your car with our free car valuation service.