I want to sell my car in Dubai, what to do?

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I want to sell my car in Dubai, what to do? There are two popular ways to sell an automobile in the United Arab Emirates. You have two options, accept the trade-in price offered by the dealer, or sell the car on your own. Crazy Car Corner has provided you with a guide for each situation so that you may sell your vehicle quickly and securely.

Before diving into this issue, there are numerous fine nuances and other things to be aware of. Be at ease, though! Read the complete detail of this industry below to find out how to sell automobiles in the UAE like an expert.

Should You Accept the Trade-in Price from the Dealer or not? 

What makes the dealer path preferable? Due to its simplicity and ease, this strategy is typically chosen. The dealer is a hassle-free, all-in-one professional solution that sells your car. With the ancient metal, little effort is required.

The dealer also manages the signing and obtaining of the necessary documentation. The dealer will handle all organizations and will only offer guidance in certain circumstances. Typically, everything may be done at the vehicle showroom desk.

But what drawbacks come with going with a dealer to sell your car? The drawbacks to doing so are numerous. First of all, compared to selling the automobile privately, you will almost certainly receive a lower price from the dealer.

Do your homework in advance regarding the typical prices for the year, make, and model of your car. This will assist you in determining the fair price you should demand from the dealer. If there isn't much of a difference between the average price of the car and the dealer's offer, sell your car there. However, you should sell your car privately if the gap is substantial.

UAE Laws you Should know before selling Cars in Dubai!

There are a few UAE laws you should be aware of in order to sell an automobile without incident. You'll feel more at peace and reduce any risk by abiding by these laws.

UAE Laws Regarding the Seller!

· There are several options that allow another party to sell the vehicle on the seller's behalf, albeit the seller must be physically present at the Roads and Transport Authority to transfer the vehicle. Anybody may accept the seller's power of attorney to sell an automobile in Dubai on the seller's behalf.

· Giving the power of attorney to a third party is a legal and official process, nevertheless. The courtroom should be appropriately set up. The person designated as the power of attorney has the authority to utilize the car for any purpose in addition to selling it on the seller's behalf. As a result, a reliable individual should receive the power of attorney.

·  A recognized auto dealership that issues sales agreements on behalf of the owner is allowed to be visited by car owners. When writing the sales agreement, the car owner should be present and have a valid Emirates ID on them.

· Before entering into any sale agreements, make sure all fines and loans have been paid in full.

Laws regarding the RTA, buyers, and banks!

Any outstanding loans or mortgages must be settled by the seller. The seller's bank will inform the Roads and Transport Authority to update the loan status in their records once these financial matters have been resolved. The owner of the vehicle will receive an SMS once the RTA records have been updated with the loan status.

A few business days are required for this process. Make sure the vehicle passes the Roads and Transport Authority test before advertising it if you wish to have a good interest in owning a car. This will inform prospective purchasers of any automotive issues that can be remedied.

A legitimate car test certificate will be given to you by the RTA. You cannot sell a car in Dubai to another buyer if you do not have this certificate. Only AED 120 is required to do this vehicle test. This vehicle inspection certificate is only good for one month and cannot be used beyond that.

Important Points to remember before selling vehicles: 

· The buyer is required to pay the AED 120 car test fee or refund the seller (if they have already paid it). Additionally, the buyer is required to pay AED 330 for registration fees.

· The buyer must either rent or own a property in his native Emirate and present proof of residency if he has a visa from another Emirate and the Emirate in which he wishes to register the car is different.

·  A buyer needs to have a few formal documents. These include an Emirates ID, a valid car insurance policy, and a valid UAE driver's license. When the car is transferred, the seller should be present. He needs to have an Emirates ID, a valid RTA car test certificate, and a valid driver's license.

I want to sell my car in Dubai what are the important tips?

Selling vehicles in Dubai might be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. You can navigate the many options provided you have the right direction. You may find some crucial advice in this part to get your automobile selling career off to a strong start.

Important Tips!

I want to sell my car in Dubai, what steps or tips do I need to follow? To answer all these questions we have prepared some important tips for our clients discussed below,

1. Scams and fraud are getting more and more common in the UAE. You must treat this seriously. Find information about these recent scams. You should never pay for your vehicle with a personal check if you don't want to fall victim to this scam.

2. To complete the transfer process, give the RTA your passport, the transfer form, a copy of your driver's license, registration card, and new insurance certificate. As the seller, you must also pay off any outstanding tickets in order to lawfully transfer ownership of the vehicle to the buyer. You should make a copy of the registration card and store it safely as proof of the transfer.

3. It is against the law to post a notice or a sale advertisement on a vehicle's window in the UAE. You run the danger of having the car seized if you do this. It is safer to post an advertisement on a website that allows you to sell automobiles in any UAE city, such as Crazy Car Corner.

4. Even if you will receive 25 to 30% less than the typical worth of the car, you can sell the car through a used car dealership. So only include the dealership option as a last resort.

5. The registration must be transferred to the new owner when you sell the car. End your insurance coverage for this reason so that the new owner can obtain new auto insurance in their own name. There are numerous websites available for comparing auto insurance quotes from various auto insurance providers.


Where to sell my car in Dubai?

Do you want to sell my car in a simple manner? Sit back and relax while Crazy Car Corner handles all the tasks. Give your automotive concerns to our staff because we are skilled at selling cars like a true professionals!

How can I sell my car in Dubai in the best way possible?

·  Offer your car to a firm that buys cars. Many vehicle-buying companies will easily and immediately buy an automobile from you.

·  Swap your vehicle. Trading your car at the dealership is another way to sell it.

·  Privately sell an automobile online.