Is It Possible to Find Out If a Car Has Been In An Accident By Its VIN Number

blogs/Is it possible to find out if a car has been in an accident by its VIN number.

In the present market, selling a car is getting more and harder, so it's critical for all customers to make an informed choice. You gain a great deal from any useful information, particularly if the car in question is a used model. 

We'll talk about using your VIN to look up your car's accident history today. We will go through the meaning of a VIN, where to find one, the significance of car history records, and how to obtain one.  

What Is A VIN?

A code that contains basic information about a car is called a car Identification Number, or VIN. It provides information on the serial number of the car as well as other numbers or characters that indicate the location of manufacturing. It also displays details like the car's model year and engine size and type.

Your number plate number and VIN are unrelated, and you should consider them to be almost identical to your car's SSN. It is employed to make particular information about your car visible. 

Where Can I Look Up Accident Records?

The amount of accidents the car has been in is never shown by the VIN on its own. You can still utilize it, nevertheless, to ascertain the struggles it faced.

Information about any accidents involving the vehicle in issue will be gathered from a variety of sources, including auto registries, insurance companies, and technicians. To access it, you will need to utilize your VIN. 

Why Does the History of Accidents Matter?

An automobile report usually includes information about past accidents. The entire history of the car is displayed, including all repairs, car maintenance, collisions, owners, and locations. Although they keep sensitive information out of your hands, they let you take a peek inside the car and see what's underneath that glossy exterior.

If the car is brand new off the assembly line, there is no reason to obtain such a report. For used cars, we advise devoting some effort to finding one.

The accident history reveals the problems faced by the previous owners. You can evaluate the general state of the car by reviewing the brief descriptions of all accidents and the locations of the vehicle's repairs. Additionally, you will be able to assess whether the car is a lemon (has manufacturing flaws) or anticipate any issues that might arise after making the purchase.

How Do I Get A Vehicle Report?

When dealing with used cars, you should always ask for a report, as some dealerships provide these for free. If private vendors are certain of the ride's condition, they might also have them lying around. That doesn't help your case, though, therefore you should investigate other report-compiling and sourcing services. is a reliable resource for the history of your vehicle and can give you all the pertinent details you require to make an educated buying choice. You receive extremely thorough information about a car and comfort in the knowledge that the information you are getting is true.

All you need to do to get a car history report is pay the required amount, enter the number plate number or VIN of the car, and you're set to go.

How Can I Interpret the Accident Information On a Car History Report?

An automobile vertical vehicle history report can help you piece together the events leading up to a collision by providing multiple informational segments. You can view the number of times the car's certificate title has been altered and the number of registered infringements.

Any change in car ownership is always shown by the first entry, and any further entries indicate damage to the vehicle. In essence, this will reveal the number of times the vehicle was reported damaged.

You can find more information about the causes of the status change by looking at the records. Insurance company details can be found in vehicle history reports. It suggests that the vehicle was in an accident and was subsequently listed for sale.


When attempting to ascertain the history of a used car, a VIN is crucial. We hope that after reading this, you will have a better understanding of any used car you are considering selling.