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Do you possess any scrap cars? Did you realize that your investment in these autos has more life left in it? Every year, many car owners scrap their cars in Dubai for the best price. Even better, these car owners gain by having money deposited into their bank accounts!

We scrap cars for cash at because it benefits both our clients and the environment as a whole:

We'll pay you cash for the opportunity to take your outdated car off your hands, which you may use for anything you choose. You can utilize it on a summer vacation, used car parts, or even your next vehicle!

Our cutting-edge vehicle dismantling facilities can process and recycle your vehicle, regardless of whether it is deemed end-of-life or repairable. If you lack the time or resources to restore your vehicle, our car scrapping services can take care of it. 

In this approach, we guarantee that all valuable metals have the opportunity to be reused and that all dangerous contaminants are disposed of appropriately. Get paid to sell your scrap car with us right now!

We are in the greatest position to give you an industry-competitive cash price for your scrap car because we are one of the most well-known and trustworthy car-buying companies in the United Arab Emirates.

When it comes to auto parts that can be used on another vehicle, our professionals are aware of the market value of your trash car. This implies that you can put more money in your pocket for doing very little work because you can be completely sure that the money we pay for your scrap automobile is competitive!

Obtain a Free Monetary Appraisal for Your Scrap Car

Do you want to know how much money you can get for your junk car? Even if it is a non-runner or has failed its MOT, it will still have some value! To receive a reasonable and precise cash value for your scrap car, enter your registration and postcode below:

Getting the Most Cash for Your Scrap Vehicle

Nowadays, no car that is nearing the end of its useful life is useless. Your non-running motor may have a higher cash scrap value than you might imagine, especially if you follow these guidelines:

Don't Break Any of Your Car's Components

Before being recycled, removing important auto components like engines, wheels, and even car batteries can significantly lower their scrap value. If you want to earn the most money for your scrap automobile, don't modify your car; if you do, the quotations you receive will be far lower.

Scrap car dealers have a reputation in the industry for raising their scrap prices at the beginning of the month to draw customers for the following few weeks. Obtain quotations for your junk automobile at the beginning and end of each month to check for any discernible variations in prices.

Learn Your Rights When It Comes to the V5C Logbook

Certain salvage auto sellers may lead you to believe that the rate you receive would be reduced. If you fail to produce the scrap vehicle's V5C logbook. This is a complete fallacy, though. For a scrapped vehicle, it does not require the logbook, but having it expedites the process. 

It's just a ploy for the dealer to keep more money in their pocket than in yours! To scrap your cars online without the V5C, you will need to produce a photo ID with your address on it and fill out a form confirming basic ownership information.

Make Use of a Reliable, Authorized Dealer for Car Recycling

In the end, using a certified vehicle recycling dealer with years of experience and satisfied clients to scrap your car pays off—literally. With nearly 40 years of business experience and permission, you can rely on us to act in your best interests and that of your vehicle.

How Can I Be Certain That I'll Receive the Car Scrapping Price You Quote?

For those wishing to sell cars for cash, we offers a price guarantee. Make an appointment with us when you're ready to scrap your automobile, and we'll pay the amount we gave you as long as your car matches the description!

Since it is now against the law to pay automobile owners cash for scrap cars, we provide payment by electronic transfer or written cheque. The fastest method of receiving payment into your bank account is the latter.

When Will I Receive Payment for My Junk Car?

You can anticipate receiving money for your scrap automobile in a few days after scheduling a time for one of the multi-vehicle haulers to pick up your vehicle or drop it off at the closest location.

At, we do not accept any payment instructions that offer cash alternatives or that are anonymous. This indicates that we are unable to compensate you for your scrap automobile via the following methods.