Selling my car in Dubai! Here’s how?

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Selling my car in Dubai may be challenging for car owners, particularly those who have never done it before. As a result, while selling a used automobile in the UAE, a number of important issues should be taken into account, such as determining the vehicle's resale value, staying away from scams, the potential for financial loss, and the necessary paperwork.

Additionally, used car sellers could experience other difficulties like the potential to deal with people who have dishonest intentions and trouble negotiating rates. On the other hand, by using the appropriate platform for selling used cars in Dubai, auto dealers can avoid these problems.

There are a number of car-buying websites in the UAE that can be used to sell used cars. However, choosing the most reliable platform is crucial after performing a comparative analysis of all available options. Here are some key tips on how to swiftly and efficiently sell a used car for the greatest price.

Available Alternatives for selling my car in Dubai!

Old cars can be sold by their owners through a variety of channels, such as car dealerships, advertising networks, and specialized car-buying businesses. All of them are common strategies for selling a used car in the UAE, but one should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option before choosing one.

Selling My Car to Dealerships!

One of the most well-liked methods of selling my car in the UAE is through car dealers. However, given the challenges of selling through vehicle dealers, this platform might not be the best choice for first-time car sellers.

These professional car dealers have years of work experience, which enables them to bargain for lower prices for used cars than the current market value. Because of this, first-time car sellers could have trouble negotiating a fair price for their vehicles, which could result in a financial loss.

Additionally, the majority of car dealers in Dubai provide a trade-in arrangement, which means exchanging a used car for a brand-new one while reducing the net difference between the two payments. Crazy Car Corner can only buy your car and offers you a fair market price.

At first look, it seems like a successful and simple transaction, but car dealers should be aware that trade-in offers to restrict the benefits of their transaction. For instance, as a used car seller, you can either negotiate a fair selling price for your old automobile or receive a discount on a new one.

Advertise on the Internet!

Selling a used car online through advertising has some disadvantages for car dealers, like the possibility of fraud or credit loss. On such unreliable web platforms, car dealers must reveal their contact information and interact with random persons to inspect a used vehicle.

Additionally, it might be difficult to find a serious used car buyer in Dubai, there is no guarantee that a sale will be made at the conclusion of the transaction, and talking to strangers puts your privacy in danger. Such challenges could complicate and stress the process of selling a used car on an online marketplace.

Car sellers must take into account additional variables when selling a car through classified websites, such as determining the car's value, writing an advertisement summary, and taking photos of the vehicle. Therefore, selling an automobile in UAE may need some time and cause unnecessary delays.

Additionally, classified websites don't have a way to verify the validity of users, which makes them a less reliable or secure platform for selling cars. The payment procedure is problematic for vehicle dealers as well because it puts them at a high risk of theft.

Professional Car Buying Companies!

Professional vehicle-buying businesses in the UAE like Crazy Car Corner offer an ideal answer to the challenges and issues associated with selling any car in UAE. Additionally, by adopting a hassle-free method, used car sellers can use our specialized online marketplace to streamline the entire car-selling process.

Additionally, car sellers can assess the suitable selling price of their vehicles using a professional free online car evaluation service, which is offered without charge.

Choose the Right Platform to Sell a Used Car in UAE!

The greatest option for selling a car for cash in UAE is to sell it to a commercial car-buying company. They offer a simple and open process because they start with a free car inspection service. Car sellers can get a general estimate of their vehicle's retail worth by entering the key specs into a user-friendly online tool for valuing automobiles.

The next step after completing the online car valuation is to arrange for a physical inspection of the used car. Within 30 minutes, the automotive experts on this online marketplace will assess the vehicle's market value and present a final buy proposition to the seller. The sale will be finalized immediately if the automobile party approves the sales agreement.

Additionally, the professional online marketplace handles all post-sale processes, including the de-registration of the vehicle. By purchasing all makes and models of used automobiles, regardless of their age, condition, or make model, the expert online car buyers in the Dubai market simplify the entire car selling process. Through a completely open, legal, and secure process, this internet marketplace for buying vehicles offers auto sellers unmatched service. Therefore, a reputable online marketplace is an ideal location to sell your car in UAE.


For owners, selling an automobile may be made considerably simpler by selecting the most dependable and ideal location. Sellers of used cars should review the information above to determine the most trusted platform for selling vehicles online quickly and profitably.

Do you wish to sell your old vehicle? No matter what state, make, kind, or year your car is in, Crazy Car Corner will buy it in 30 minutes.

We trust that our explanation of the top platforms for selling a used car quickly has been clear. Selling a second-hand automobile in Dubai can be challenging, but it is not impossible. We have made every effort to ease your burden as much as we can.


1.  If I'm outside of the UAE, can I sell my car?

Yes, you can. Giving a UAE resident a vehicle power of attorney will allow them to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new owner if they want to sell their car in the UAE while living abroad.

2. How to sell cars online in Dubai?

Before selling your car online in Dubai you need to follow these steps,

  • Decide on pricing and schedule an appointment. Checking the papers.
  • Accept (or reject) offers or test drives within the app. Obtain Offers.
  • Transfer ownership while earning money. Sell the vehicle.
  • Submit success fee (starting from AED 999) Secure Payment.