The Easiest Way to Sell Your Used Car in UAE


If you live in the UAE, you might be looking to sell your used car in UAE because you probably have at least one old car lying around in your garage that is not fit to be used by anyone anymore. The question that arises at this point is, what do you do with it? Do you drive it to the junkyard and pay a lot of money to have it disposed of? Or, do you try and sell it? While this could work as an option, there are chances of getting much less than what the car would be worth if put on sale at a car dealership. Therefore, we have shared some important information for your help about the easiest way to sell your used car in UAE.

Find a buyer

If you are selling your used car, then you need to find a buyer. This can be done through classified ads, online auctions, or even social media. The best place is local classifieds as it helps filter out international buyers and scam artists. The most popular site for buying and selling cars in UAE is Crazy Car Corner which has an excellent reputation with many satisfied customers.

Advertise, posting an advertisement on this site is free but comes with some restrictions so make sure you read the fine print before posting any information about yourself or your vehicle! Make sure to include clear photos of both the exterior and interior as well as details such as mileage, fuel type, transmission type, etc. Be honest with what kind of shape your car is in too- pictures don't always show everything!

Get your car ready

Clean out all of the junk from your car and get rid of anything you don't need. The cleaner it is, the better people will be able to imagine themselves driving it. Check that there are no broken pieces on your car and make sure any dents are small enough not to cause any problems when someone sits inside or rides in it. Make sure there is enough gas for a test drive and that all warning lights have gone off.

After everything has been checked over, take pictures of your car including close-ups. Prepare an ad with plenty of photos. You can post them on popular social media sites like Facebook or Instagram and let friends know about the sale. You can also post ads at local flea markets and hang flyers around town. But the best way which is used by so many people nowadays is to sell your old car to a classified company like Crazy Car Corner on the internet.

Meet at a safe place

Once you have agreed on a price with your buyer, you will need to arrange an appointment. The safest option is usually in a public place. If you are arranging a meeting at a public place, make sure it is not easy for someone to steal your vehicle or harm you. Remember that this person does not know who you are and what kind of person he or she is dealing with, so it is important for both of you that this meeting be as safe as possible. But our most recommended method is to sell your used car online to scrap car buyers. This is an easy way to get rid of your old car quickly because here you have the opportunity to check previous clients’ reviews and comments about the services. 

Cash and done!

Presently you realize that putting your vehicle on sale is simply easy. Once in a while, the entire vehicle-selling process sounds troublesome because you will quite often trust in an excessive number of misguided judgments and legends. For instance, some people are almost completely sure, possibly by mistake, that they can't sell their vehicle assuming they have supporting payments due on it. Some vehicle purchasing organizations will assist you with selling your vehicle regardless of whether there are payments due on it. To wrap things up, ensure you put no commercial for a deal on your vehicle in UAE.

If the selling process of your old car’s done and you want to sell your car then some online platforms give you facilities related to your vehicle. One of the best opportunities that scrap car buyers can give you is free car valuation in UAE and by this, you know the exact possible value for your second-hand car. Another one is car inspection and which gives you complete detail about your car’s current condition. When all this processing is done then the company offers you a suitable value for your old car and the next is your choice. After you decide about a car selling then you just got the value or cash and that’s all.

Bonus tips

Here at the end of this blog, we have shared a bonus tip for our readers about selling their old vehicles online to a company easily. And the best company for your old car buying in UAE that can help you in a good way is Crazy Car Corner. Here you will get free car inspection services and car valuation services. Our experts have years of experience in this industry.