Tips on How to Sell Your Car to a Scrap Yard

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Gain knowledge from these tips for selling scrap cars because it might seem difficult to sell your used or broken car for scrap. Few people know who to ask for a quote from, how the sales process works, how much to offer for their car, how to get their car ready for a sale, and most importantly, who they can trust.

Even though these are all valid worries, with the right information, they can all be readily allayed. The experts at have put together some advice on selling scrap cars that will make the procedure as simple as inserting a key!

Tip #1: Research Before Selling Scrap Cars

Before attempting to sell your car, you should research the following two topics: The first is your car's market value; and the second is the business or scrap yard you plan to sell it to.

Vehicle Value

The value of your car is determined by several factors, not the least of which are its make, model, condition, and history of significant repairs, modifications, and/or damages. You can use websites like to determine the approximate value of your vehicle.

To obtain a car valuation, you can also stop by a few garages, scrap yards, and used car lots. To obtain a valuation, you can also stop by a few garages, scrap yards, and used car lots. Finding the approximate mean of the prices you should be able to get for your car will help you decide on your minimum selling price and who to believe when you approach a possible scrap yard buyer.

Selecting a Reclamation Centre

Speaking of scrap yards, a good piece of advice for anyone selling your scrap cars is to do your homework on the organization you are dealing with. The first thing you should do is make sure the company has a user-friendly, easily navigable website that is updated frequently.

This shows that the company takes its business seriously. If your business has been in operation for several decades and has been franchised, this is usually a positive indication of its quality and the satisfaction of its clients with the services.

Tip #2: Clean Up Your Vehicle Before Selling Your Scrap Car

It's time to clean out your car after you've made contact with the scrap yard, accepted their offer, and scheduled a time for towing. This will not only protect priceless keepsakes, tools, and equipment, but it will also make it easier to remove your scrap car from your property quickly and effectively. Car jacks, ice scrapers, baby seats, loose change, Kleenex containers, and other items should be taken out of your car before the tow crew arrives, not while they are there! If you don't, the removal of your car will only be postponed or canceled.

Cleaning the area under and around your car is another essential piece of advice for selling a scrap car. This will facilitate a speedy and painless extraction and lower the possibility of injury or property damage. Ultimately, it is the towing crew's responsibility to remove a scrap car—not lawnmowers, storage boxes, or bicycles that are in the way!

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