Ways to Sell Used Cars in Dubai With RTA's Selling Agreement


The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is renowned for its forward-thinking initiatives that aim to make Dubai the world's most intelligent metropolis. The RTA has established the online car Selling Agreement, an electronic sales agreement that takes the place of conventional contracts made of ink and paper, in order to achieve this purpose.

This project guarantees additional security for the documents while providing a straightforward and secure process for both car purchasers and sellers. This article will examine the RTA Sales Transaction Service for Pre-Owned Vehicles in further detail and offer detailed instructions on how to make use of it.

The RTA Online Car Selling Agreement to Sell Used Cars in Dubai!

An alternative to customary agreements between buyers and sellers is the RTA sales transaction service for used cars. At showrooms approved by RTA Dubai, you can get this service. The old contract will become null and void if buyers and sellers use the RTA sales transaction service to execute their online selling agreement.

Compared to conventional agreements, the RTA online selling agreement has a number of benefits. Since no one else will be able to sell a car or transfer ownership of the vehicle without the seller's knowledge, the agreement is safer and more secure. Both buyers and sellers are required to produce their Emirates IDs for additional protection. An electronic sales agreement might be useful for keeping track of transactions when selling a used car in Dubai.

This agreement gives dealerships simple access to transaction history and information, unlike paper contracts. The RTA online sales agreement may be immediately terminated in the event that the buyer backs out of the transaction or fails to finish it for any other reason. Additionally, since the car will be registered in the buyer's name as of the day the agreement was signed, it is simpler to register traffic fines thanks to the agreement.

Application for Online Vehicle Selling Agreement!

Everyone must present the relevant documents at the showrooms approved by the RTA in order to sell used cars. The RTA sales transaction service is accessible to pre-owned car dealerships in addition to private buyers and sellers.

Those who are interested in using this service can get the necessary paperwork for selling their automobile online by going to a car dealership that has been approved by the RTA. The following documentation must be supplied in order to apply for the RTA sales transaction service:

For Individuals:

  • Emirates ID (for citizens and nationalities of the UAE)
  • (For tourists to the GCC) Original Passport
  • Copy of passport and visa
  • Vehicle transfer, export, or customs certificates Vehicle ownership certificates
  • Form for an electronic sale is available on the RTA website.

For Companies:

A power of attorney in the name of the dealership, or a signed endorsement, authorizing the sale of the car

  • License for commercial trade
  • Electronic insurance for vehicles
  • Form for an electronic sale is available on the RTA website.

The RTA auto sales transaction service has a very simple procedure. Both buyers and sellers must go to the approved dealership and submit the necessary paperwork. The RTA smart card reader will scan and gather the relevant data at the dealerships. After that, the request will be made using the RTA's online traffic system.

Rules & Regulations!

To use this RTA sales transaction service, both buyers and sellers must adhere to a number of terms and conditions. A power of attorney declaring the "sales and disposal of vehicles" must be given by vehicle owners or their legal agents.

The transaction must be finished within 14 days to prevent any fees or penalties. It is a must to pay all outstanding traffic penalties in Dubai or any other Emirates prior to obtaining this service. Before requesting this service, all mortgages on the vehicle must also be paid off.


You'll be relieved to learn that selling used cars in Dubai has become considerably simpler thanks to the RTA Sales Transaction Service for Pre-Owned Vehicles. The RTA's creative effort has improved the efficiency and intelligence of the Dubai automobile market.

The electronic RTA vehicle sales agreement is a fantastic choice for people wishing to purchase or sell used automobiles in Dubai because it has many advantages over conventional contracts. The procedure is hassle-free and effective because of the increased security, accessibility, and record-keeping convenience.

All you have to do to sell a used car in Dubai is submit an application for the RTA vehicle online selling agreement, which is a simple procedure. To take advantage of this service, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement. The way individuals buy and sell used automobiles in Dubai has been completely transformed by the RTA Sales Transaction Service.

The RTA Sales Transaction Service is the best option whether you're looking for used cars for sale or wish to sell a used automobile in Dubai. It's a creative and practical choice for both buyers and sellers, and it has improved the accessibility and effectiveness of the automobile market in Dubai. Profit from smarter, more effective, secure, and hassle-free car deals in Dubai by using this service right away. Follow CrazyCarCorenr.com on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to discover more!