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Everyone wants to know how much their automobile is worth since it helps them budget for ownership expenses, insurance premiums, and the possibility of repairs. It is very helpful to know how much your car is worth because you will be able to negotiate for the best deal when you go to buy a new one since you will know how much your old car is worth.

A strong and free online tool that can provide you a precise and trustworthy car valuation is’s vehicle valuation calculator. Furthermore, 95% of our clients end up getting the quoted amount. When you want to examine the value of your car, make sure you don't miss out on the greatest offer available.

Factors that Can Increase Or Decrease Your Car's Value

Make and Model

Your car's value will rise if its model or manufacture is more in demand on the auto market.

Vehicle State

Your car quotation will be greater the less damage it has. Wear and tear, dents, scratches, and mechanical issues impact the value of your car.

Distance Travelled

Because they have experienced less wear and tear and are thus in better condition, cars with lower mileage tend to hold their value better than those with higher mileage.


Age depreciation is one of the main things that influence an automobile's selling price. A car may be worth less the older it is.


Upgraded technology and optional extras like alloy wheels could result in a higher offer. Lower suspension is one change that might reduce the value, though.

Car Colour

Certain car colors are in higher demand than others. Additionally, this can change based on the car model and manufacturer brand.

History of Services

A car with a complete service history demonstrates that it has been well-maintained, and as a result, it will fetch a greater offer than one with gaps or incomplete service history documents.

How Many Prior Owners There Were

Since a car with multiple former owners may have a problem, cars with fewer previous owners are usually worth more. Car prices are subject to frequent fluctuations in the market owing to several variables. The season, new car production, and general demand may all be to blame for this.

Our Evaluations Are Accurate and Equitable

We deal with thousands of cars every day as the largest independently owned car reseller in the UAE. Because of this, we can draw on our decades of knowledge to provide the best rates and the most accurate value, all without requesting any personal information from you.

How Long Does It Take to Valuate a Car?

It takes less than 30 minutes to value your car. The procedure has been divided into these easy steps:

  1. Put your mileage and registration. The registration and current mileage of your car are all we need.
  2. Obtain a preliminary assessment. Without requiring any further information, we'll offer you an approximate value for your vehicle.
  3. Add more information. Please provide us with some more information about the condition of your car for a more precise appraisal.
  4. Obtain your whole appraisal. The easiest way to find out how much we could pay for your automobile and its actual value is to use this.


How can I obtain a precise estimate of the value of my car?

With the help of our online car valuation tool, you can provide us with a thorough overview of the state of the car by informing us about its general condition as well as any issues you think we should be aware of. We'll inquire about the mechanical, external, and interior conditions. Then, using the data you have given us, our calculator will produce an accurate valuation.

Can I obtain an estimate for a damaged car?

Indeed. We want you to provide us with as much information as you can on the state of your car using our valuation tool. Telling us about any damage your automobile might have, from mechanical issues to panel damage, is simple. Like all of our values, a damaged car appraisal will be examined by one of our specialists because the extent of the damage might differ greatly.

Is it possible to obtain a car appraisal without the mileage?

You must be aware of your car's mileage to receive an accurate appraisal. Our value calculator will, however, use the mileage from your car's most recent MOT if you don't know the actual mileage. Naturally, giving as much information as you can will guarantee that the automobile value offer you get is as precise as it can be.

How much does a car's mileage say about its worth?

When it comes to used automobile valuation, mileage is one of the most important deciding variables, especially when compared to the car's age. The value of an automobile is directly affected by the number of miles driven annually. This is because wear and tear on an automobile often increases with mileage. In general, a car with fewer miles on it is worth more than one with more miles on it that is the same age and type.