How Can I Register My Second-hand Car in UAE?

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Due to the large selection of affordable second-hand cars accessible in Dubai, the used automobile industry is quite well-liked. These cars are generally very well-maintained.

In contrast to brand-new cars, the buyer—not the dealer or the former owner—is in charge of registering a used car. Therefore, keep this law in mind when shopping for a used car.

Essential Documents Needed for Used Car Registration 

The following paperwork is required by car buyers to register a secondhand car in Dubai:

Original Emirates ID Auto Insurance Policy: The customer must purchase one for the vehicle upfront. An insurance policy for the car you are about to buy can be purchased online or at one of the RTA-approved dealerships. In any case, obtaining insurance is required before purchasing. When selling a used car to a new owner, you must have the following:

  • Authentic Emirates ID
  • The initial vehicle licence plate
  • Car registration card: To transfer ownership while selling a vehicle on someone else's behalf, you'll need an attested Power of Attorney.
  • Traffic file: All outstanding Salik and traffic penalties must be paid by the vendor. It is not appropriate to give a licence plate with outstanding fines to the new owner. Through the use of RTA smartphone apps or by visiting the Dubai Traffic Police website, new owners can check for these fines.
  • RTA required test: The used car that is going to be sold needs to pass the required RTA vehicle test. The vehicle traffic inspection certificate is issued and given to the buyer upon successful completion of this test.
  • Mulkiya (ancient car registration) 

How to Register a Second-hand Car in Dubai?

Following the completion of a used car transaction, the buyer and seller of the vehicle must visit any nearby RTA-authorised centres in Dubai. To mention a few centres, you can visit Tasjeel, Shamil, and Mumayaz. The centre will inspect the used car that is going to be sold.

RTA will give the new buyer possession of the used car after the vehicle has been inspected and there are no unpaid bills. Then the registration procedure starts. The buyer will receive the car's licence, new number plates, new registration cards and vehicle expiry stickers after paying the required amount.

You can employ the RTA Personal Appearance Service if you don't have time to sell your second-hand car. Simply visit the RTA service location that is closest to you and register by providing them with all of your personal information. After that, a PIN will be sent to the cell phone number you registered.

Anybody you trust can use this PIN to register your automobile and handle other vehicle-related transactions. 

Essential Measurements for Used Car Buyers?

To obtain an agreement from RTA, the buyer must sign a sale and purchase agreement that includes the vehicle's price, description, and mileage.

  • There must be no unpaid debts or loans associated with the vehicle being sold.
  • The transfer fees are paid by the new owner after clearing.
  • RTA gives the seller ownership of the vehicle instead of the buyer.
  • After the car has been transferred into their name and the required payments have been made, the used car buyers obtain the licence, number plate, and expiration sticker.

Important Thoughts for Used Car Sellers 

Please remember that if the seller has not paid off any outstanding loans, the registration process will not start. Before giving ownership of your automobile to the new owner, if you purchased it in Dubai or any other emirate with a car loan, you must pay off the remaining balance.

RTA prints the new Mulkiya, or car registration card, with the new owner's name on it if there are no outstanding loans for the vehicle.

To verify the sale of the car, the seller must provide copies of the new Mulkiya to their finance and insurance providers.


After payment is made, how long will it take for the car ownership to transfer?

The process of transferring the vehicle to the new buyer's name usually takes ten minutes or less after the payment is received.

Which documents are required for the transfer? 

Original documents such as a driver's licence, passport, or ID are needed for a seller. An original ID is required for a buyer to register and export within the nation. A copy of your passport or ID is needed if you plan to export goods outside of the nation.

Can a used car be sold in Dubai before it passes the inspection test? 

Yes, the RTA requires that you do this. Your car cannot be sold if the vehicle technical inspection report is not passed since it is not considered roadworthy.

Describe the POA, what is the procedure and when is it needed. 

The acronym POA stands for "Power of Attorney." POA shall transfer the vehicle without the seller's presence at that time if the seller is departing the country or cannot be present for the duration of the transfer process. Anybody who can attend the transfer procedure can serve as the POA.