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If you're considering scrapping your car, get a quote right away! Regardless of the condition of your car, crazycarcorner offers cash for it and provides a free car valuation service.

Get cash for your car by using a nearby car scrapping and collection service. You can get cash for your car. How it functions Discover the ease of the quote and collection process, as well as the reasons why so many people choose Scrap My Car.

Service available throughout the UAE: We provide free scrap car collection across the country. Get an instant quote that is the best price in your area.

We Provide the Best Prices for Car Scrapping.

Are you wondering how to sell your car for the most money? Not a problem. No matter where you are in the UAE, promises to give you the best deal. It's easy: just enter the details and registration plate of your car to receive an instant online quote at the best price. No paperwork means less hassle.

You receive a purchase receipt after scrapping your car with us, and we will then save you from any market hassle that you may face when it comes to selling your scrap car. That's money well spent! Click here to view our price guide and get a better idea of how much you'll get when you sell your car.

We Offer a Complimentary Scrap Car Collection

At, we make things easier for you by offering free old car pickup across the country. If your car isn't running, scrap, or junk, this is the best choice. Simply let us know where and when you would like it picked up, and we'll take care of the rest!

We can scrap your car and offer a free car valuation service, so you won't even have to pay a fee when one of our fleet of collection vehicles stops by to pick up your unwanted vehicle.

We'll complete your payment upon collection so you can get your cash right away because we don't like to keep you waiting. Because of this, we have earned an excellent rating from so many customer reviews.

We See to It That Your Vehicle is Recycled or Used Again

You are improving lives when you sell your car to us. We recycle your used automobiles and trucks in an environmentally responsible manner. So, when we recycle your car, we make sure to be environmentally friendly.

At, recycling cars is an important aspect of our services. Our goal is to ensure that every component of your car is reused by diverting 100% of waste from landfills. We appreciate your support in keeping our environment clean and green when you sell us your car!

Get a Quote for a Scrap Car Right Now in UAE

You can get an instant cash quote for your car from us. You only need to click "sell your car" after entering your car's registration number and some basic information to receive an instant price that will make you want to "Scrap My Car!"

With no additional fees, we provide you with the greatest price for scrapping your car. Additionally, we offer free vehicle removals from your premises.

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