Sell Your Car in 30 Minutes Dubai


When it comes time to sell your car in 30 minutes in Dubai, how can you assess its fair market value? Crazy Car Corner may be able to assist you in locating a solution. Many dealers offer to accept damaged or unwanted automobiles. I've attempted several times to sell my automobile quickly, only to be given prices that do not reflect the vehicle's genuine market value

Unlike many other firms, we provide fair market value to clients such as repair industry partners, insurance companies, and individual car owners who have automobiles with serious mechanical faults, cars they need to get rid of, or wrecked motor vehicles that are not worth fixing. Since its inception over a decade ago, the company has paid out over a million dollars on salvage SUVs, vans, trucks, late-model vehicles, and destroyed autos.

Selling an automobile can be a difficult undertaking. Often, the most difficult element is determining how much your car is worth. Do you do it on your own? Should I hire an appraiser? Let the dealership make the final decision, for better or worse.

Take a long, deep breath to sell your car in 30 minutes

We're here to make this process a little less stressful!

The following are the primary methods for determining car value:

  • A car’s true cash value
  • Fair Market Value
  • Scrap Value

A car's true cash value

When it comes time to file a claim, insurance companies typically utilize the Actual Cash Value to determine the value of your vehicle. When your car is involved in a collision or is ruled a total loss due to damage, the insurance provider pays out based on its genuine cash value. The insurance provider determines the car's genuine cash worth by deducting the depreciation expenses from the replacement value after the car is purchased.

Other aspects of your vehicle are also considered while determining its value:

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Features
  • Pre-Loss Condition

Fair Market Value of your car

The Fair Market Value (or FMV) of your vehicle is determined by fewer specific criteria than the ACV. A used car buyer and seller would both agree on this price. A knowledgeable interested person is familiar with both market prices and all of the facts about the automobile in question. If a buyer does not realize that specific parts are missing, for example, they are not a "knowledgeable buyer," therefore their offer is not based on the fair market value of a used car.

Scrap Value of a car

The scrap value of trash cars is determined primarily by their weight. Smaller, lighter vehicles will earn a smaller reward, while larger vehicles will receive a higher payoff. This method is so reliable that almost every scrap yard will use the same formula to determine how much your vehicle is worth and how to sell your car in UAE.

When it comes to calculating the value of specific scrap metal, this formula is widely used in the business. It is, however, best utilized to calculate a minimum value for your vehicle. Several external influences can and will influence the outcome. The existence of certain parts in the vehicle also raises the scrap value. Engines, transmissions, and catalytic converters are among the most profitable car components.

Calculating With Car-Worth

Other elements in estimating car worth exist, however, Crazy Car Corner simplifies things by giving a free value calculator. Our calculator generates a quote at which you are not required to sell your car.

Furthermore, we can provide you with a price within 30 minutes! All you have to do is input pertinent information such as your vehicle's year, make, model, and VIN, and we'll provide a FREE price.

Like what you've seen so far? You can schedule a vehicle pick-up within 24-28 hours of approving the quote, which is also entirely free. We come to steal your automobile and put money in it instead. Get a quotation for the fair market value of your vehicle here!

How Do You Easily Find The Value Of Your Car?

Using an online calculator to determine the worth of your car is the most convenient method. There, you will receive a price from the firm in charge of the calculator.

Crazy Car Corner is an online calculator that offers fair market value quotes. We take everything into account and provide you with a value for your vehicle that you will be pleased with.

What is the Market Value of a Car?

Market Value is the price your car would fetch on the open market at that time. It is not the trade-in value or the price a collector would pay for your car. If you have a damaged car and don't know what to do with it, you should consider selling it for the following reasons.

· It is illegal to drive a damaged car in the UAE unless it has been repaired and has passed severe emission and quality criteria.

· If you do not have the funds to fix the vehicle, it will stay in your garage for an extended period, gathering dust and rust and depreciating even further.

· Repairing a damaged car may not be the most cost-effective option because you won't know the real cost of repairs until you take the vehicle to the shop. As a result, fixing a damaged car is a high-risk and costly endeavor.


1. How can I sell my used car in Dubai?

If you have a used car and looking for the best buyers who can buy your car and offer you a suitable value then Crazy Car Corner will be the right choice for you. Sell your car in 30 minutes in Dubai as soon as you can.

2. What is the best way to sell your car in 30 minutes in Dubai?

The best way to sell a car in Dubai is to search for the best-used car buyers in UAE. Many used car buyers can buy your car in just 30 minutes by providing a car valuation. Crazy Car Corner is one of the best websites to buy your car in any condition.

3. Is it easy to sell a car in Dubai?

Selling a used car in UAE is now simple with Crazy Car Corner. The best way is o contact with best-used car buyers in UAE they will offer you a good amount for your car. Used car dealers in UAE will offer you a free valuation service. Once you agreed you can receive money and the dealer takes care of transferring ownership and all other legal hassles.