Ways to Increase the Gas Mileage of Your Used Cars


The used car market has evolved significantly, and you can now find a variety of offers that will fit into your budget. However, there's a persistent doubt in your thoughts. Will the vehicle's mileage match the advertised amount or will it be less? How can I adjust the mileage? Can it be made better? What happens if the car breaks down? First of all, we would suggest that you slow down.

We want to stress before we start how crucial it is to sell used cars in Dubai to reputable dealerships like CrazyCarCorner.com. As they are well-maintained to provide optimal pricing, you will sell a car with issues and gas mileage.

However, don't worry if you still have doubts—this guide has all the answers you need.

What Kind of Upkeep Increases Fuel Efficiency?

What then can you do to increase or even sustain mileage? There's a long list of things we can do at all times. Prior to anything else, though, we must inform you that nothing is more effective than routine auto maintenance. You're more likely to continue getting good gas mileage the more often you service your vehicle.

How Can I Improve The Gas Mileage Of My Car?

Thus, counsel is heeded. You'll take better care of the car now. However, how can you increase the mileage? Perhaps it would be better to ask. It is always possible to make modifications and enhancements to used cars in Dubai in order to get the most mileage out of them. These are ten actions or steps you can take to increase your car's fuel efficiency.

The Ten Measures For Increased Mileage!

1. Pressure of Tire!

Proper tire pressure can play a significant role in determining effectiveness. The mileage on your car will significantly decrease if even one tire is underinflated. Approximately 60–80% of all cars on the road have underinflated tires, indicating how common low tire pressure is.

Low tire pressure can shorten tire life in addition to wasting gasoline due to inefficiency. This means you have two different sets of issues. Get the tire pressure on your used car checked every three to four weeks to keep it maintained.

2. Replacement of Spark Plug!

Spark plug problems are more common in used cars than in new ones. No matter how much maintenance your car receives, you must make sure that the spark plugs are changed on a regular basis. Replace them a little sooner than expected, regardless of how long they are supposed to last. By doing this, you can reduce misfires and inefficient combustion. With time, the increased mileage will become apparent.

3. Alignment of Tire!

Even the smallest alignment mistake can cause serious issues. According to an example, for every 20,000 miles driven, you will be dragging your car sideways for 102 miles if your car's alignment is only 0.017 inches off. That will put a lot more strain on your engine and reduce its mileage. Making sure your tires are aligned will boost your mileage—much more slowly at first, but significantly over time.

4. Decelerate Carefully!

You shouldn't always accelerate quickly. Yes, there will undoubtedly be times and places where you must. According to data, driving at high speeds can cause a 20% reduction in mileage. If you choose to accelerate gradually, you might be able to save hundreds.

5. Straight Cutter!

Avoid carrying extra weight in your vehicle. A mere hundred pounds of weight can have a significant effect on your car’s mileage. Make your car clutter-free sports equipment, books, backpacks, empty bottles, etc. Additionally, you can discard items like bike mounts and roof racks that you hardly ever use.

6. Air Dam!

Replace your air dam if it's missing, or change yours! Your car's mileage could be significantly impacted by driving without it. It is intended to lessen drag and force air up over the car in addition to having a sporty appearance. Fix it if it's not in place or broken for some reason!

7. Avoid Idling!

Additionally, idling your car uses a lot of fuel. This is not so much advice on how to increase fuel efficiency as it is common sense. The amount of pollution released when it is idle is far higher than when it is operating. Additionally, the start-stop feature of more recent models of cars specifically reduces the issue of idling. Try not to sell your used car in Dubai idle if it lacks that feature.

8. Pragmatize At The Financial Limit!

Generally speaking, the speed limit is 80 mph, which is also the best speed to drive at. By keeping this pace, you can get the most out of your engine in terms of efficiency. Driving under this limit will maximize your mileage. Not too sluggish, though. The sweet spot is between 70 and 80 mph.

9. Aim Your Sight For The Warning Light!

The majority of us are conditioned to disregard cautionary signals, or in this case, warning lights on automobiles. Avoid doing that and pay attention to any blinking lights. Make it right. The smallest problem indicates that the fuel is not burning all the way through, which reduces your mileage.

10. Change The Cabin Air Filter!

Your car's blower must work harder to clear a clogged or malfunctioning cabin air filter, which makes your air conditioner work harder as well. Lower mileage is the result when you combine that with the rise in temperature. Put in a new cabin air filter.


Getting the most out of your car can be achieved by following these steps, though not necessarily in that order. If you want to increase the mileage on your used car, stick to the plan. You can get the highest value of your car from car buyers on CrazyCarCorner.com and sell your used car here. We offer the best value for your used car in just 30 minutes through our FREE online car valuation