What is the Procedure to Sell a Car in Dubai?


Many individuals want to know the procedure to sell a car in Dubai because they have different problems. Now that you have opted to use public transportation to get around Dubai, it is that moment when you feel like you need a new automobile and want to sell an old car. You may also be relocating abroad in search of better opportunities. In this case, you will no longer need your car. Congratulations, it's time to sell a vehicle!

Selling anything is a hassle for many of us. Why?? Since selling is involved!! But don't worry about Crazy Car Corner, from what I've observed in the past, there are always buyers if you need to sell something in Dubai. As a result, whenever it comes time to sell your car, it won't be as difficult because there is still a need for old cars.

Sell a Car with these Important Documents!

  • A legitimate copy of the driver's license
  • Emirates ID or passport/ visa
  • Your original registration card (Mulkiya)
  • Fresh coverage from the purchaser

The procedure to Sell a Car in Dubai Involves 3 Basic Steps!

  • Finding a buyer
  • Canceling insurance
  • Ownership transfer

Service Your Car and Clean it Up!

This is a given and not a step. You would at the very least need to give your automobile a decent service and clean it up if you wanted to sell a car online. Verify the vehicle has undergone testing to guarantee performance. What I'm trying to say is, don't lie! If the vehicle has any defects or damages, have them corrected. Being truthful about the state of the car is clever.

Finding a buyer is the first thing you should do when selling a car. There are frequently well-known web businesses you can employ to draw purchasers for your car.

•        You need to put notice boards in supermarkets

•        Neighborhoods are some of the most common places to advertise your car for sale.

•        A Gulf News Classifieds

•        A Khaleej Times Classifieds

•        Advertise your vehicle in periodicals like Auto Trader

Finding a buyer!

Finding a buyer is the first thing you should do when selling a car in Dubai. There are frequently well-known web businesses you can employ to find buyers for your car. You can directly contact the expert car buyers of Crazy Car Corner to assist you further with the car-selling process in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

  • Notice boards at supermarkets and in your neighborhood are some of the most common places to advertise your car for sale.
  • Classifieds on Gulf News
  • Classifieds in the Khaleej Times
  • Magazines like Auto Trader

To discover possible car buyers in Dubai, you might also visit used automobile stores all across Dubai. This is a more effective method of finding a buyer. In reality, the used automobile shop will serve as your buyer. This is fortunate in that they will complete the majority of the necessary documentation later, in a way. But take note that given their leverage, their offer for your car may be far less than what individual purchasers are willing to pay.

Once a buyer has been located, it would be appropriate to allow them to examine the vehicle and reach a price. It is preferable to be somewhat flexible with the asking price if you genuinely want to sell your car. Make sure you speak with the buyer in person before ever listing your car.

Precautions to take while dealing to sell a car!

  • Deal in cash exclusively, unless you are doing business with a reputable reseller.
  • If you are accepting a post-dated check, wait until it clears before moving through with the transfer.
  • Deal only with sincere persons who are willing to meet in person and negotiate terms.
  • Avoid displaying advertisements on vehicles or windscreens. The RTA might levy penalties for this.

It is advisable to accept a small down payment or the whole price for the car at this stage of the sales process. This would guarantee that the buyer will agree to a transaction with you. It is also preferable to create some sort of sales agreement and payment receipt documentation.

Insurance cancellation!

Make sure any flaws or problems in the car are fixed. You must carry out the following actions:

  • Inform the insurance provider that you wish to cancel your policy. You will be able to get a refund for the premium you paid if there are still months left of insurance that are still in effect.
  • Your identification and registration documents can be requested (Mulkiya)

Transfer car ownership!

Following the completion of the insurance cancellation process, the following procedures will be necessary:

  • If your vehicle is up for renewal, you must test it at one of the Tasjeel or other RTA-approved test facilities.
  • Following this, you must complete the transfer form at a typing facility.

Submit documents to RTA authorized Center! H2

  • Give the necessary paperwork to the appropriate officer.
  • Your automobile will then be checked for any penalties that may have accumulated, and you will be required to pay them if there are any.
  • A new registration card (Mulkia), if necessary, will be printed.

As proof of sale, you might need to carry a copy of the registration card. That's it, then. This is an easy method of selling an automobile in Dubai.

Precautions to be taken when you sell your car in Dubai:

Only deal with cash upfront unless you are doing business with a reputable corporation, and advertising the car's condition exactly as it is. Do not cover up the car's flaws. Even then, it is preferable to get them fixed;


What if I have a bank loan against the car, how do I sell my car?

You must pay off any bank debt if your car is collateral for the loan. Without a letter of approval from the bank for the chassis number of the car, RTA will not transfer your car. If the buyer of your car is looking for a loan, it is suggested that you accept a small deposit, and then move on with the sale once the buyer receives approval for the loan from his bank. Since they must mortgage the car, your buyer's bank will typically become involved in this.

How does selling a car work in Dubai?

Check out the automobile’s worth on the website, schedule an inspection appointment if you like the price, and sign the RTA-approved sales vehicle agreement. You receive the money by check or bank transfer once the deal is sealed.